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Drain and Sewer Repair
The installation of drainage and sewers is a big projects. While it may seem like something you may want to grasp, projects like such have to comply with codes and be able to pass brutal inspections. Only experienced plumbing, drainage and sewer experts need to attempt to tackle these issues.

Let Gentry Waterproofing's experienced sewer and drain technicians determine the right course of action for any installation or repair projects. They understand the local and municipal codes for the Toronto area and know the permits required. Furthermore, they retain the technical expertise, which helps you install your drain or sewer smoothly and professionally. If you’re looking for your first drainage and sewer system in a new home, or you looking to have an old system replaced, Gentry Waterproofing is here for you.

We understand that some homeowners underestimate their issues and find themselves faced with costly repairs that have built up over time. We’re just as good at tackling sewer and drain repair jobs as we are at regular maintenance, so don’t hesitate to call us. We recommend that you schedule regular maintenance visits.

Our common drain and sewer repair services:

  • Sewer and drain video camera inspections
  • Drain repairs of all kinds – commercial and residential
  • Main sewer line repairs
  • Driveway and home drains
  • Parking lot drains
  • Broken sewer line repairs
  • Water mains
  • Replacement and repair of main lines, water mains

 We are also the plumbing experts in the Greater Toronto area when it comes to residential or commercial sewer line repair projects. By having our experienced technicians perform system inspections, fair estimate and necessary repairs, you are making the right choice.

Drain Inspection
Eventually debris will cause all drains and drain pipes to get clogged and to deteriorate overtime. It is thus important to schedule regular inspection and maintenance checks to keep small problems from becoming emergency repair situations. Gentry Waterproofing specializes in drain pipe inspections, maintenance and repairs.

Sump Installation Services
We provide sump installation of all shapes and sizes.

Sumps are used  to collect water from various sources such as the roof and ground water pipes. They carry water through to its final destination like the city sewer system.

We have the necessary equipment to dig up and install sump of any sizes. Alternatively, we provide and install concrete risers to accommodate existing sumps which may need to b elevated.
Choosing a qualified drainage contractor for your home or commercial needs is very important.


Interior benefits:

The internal system is used for three main reasons:

  • the problem cannot be resolved from the exterior due to confined space or no access.
  •  The water problem is not a foundation leak but a hydraulics pressure issue, which means that the ground water under the concrete block raises up and down and cause the water to go through the basement slab.
  • It is cost effectiveness for unfinished living areas.

Interior drainage system:

  • The floor is damaged around the borders in which the system is needed to be approximately 6 to 10 inches away from the foundation wall.
  • Concrete is removed and the ditch is dug up to accommodate the 3 inch
    punctured weeping tile.
  • When the weeping tile is put in, it must be connected to a discharge such as a sump pump or
    a floor drain.
  • A dimpled sheet of drainage membrane is put in on the exposed interior wall exposed wall of the system that has been installed.
  • We then put in a layer of ¾ lucid gravel over the weeping tile to increase the maximum drainage to the tile.
  • Once the membrane and gravel are put in, water from above or below the grade is drained into the installed system.
  • Lastly, a layer of concrete is put in on top of the exposed ditch. This will put the floor back to its original level.


Exterior waterproofing benefits

Exterior waterproofing cut backs on the moisture in the basement and eliminates musty odors and other allergies affecting people.
Waterproofing the exterior foundation walls will give you a structurally sound foundation by get rid of deterioration that is occurring on the foundation walls. You will save thousands of dollars in repairs among other things by doing this.
As basement moisture and/or water issues can reduce the value of your home, most Realtors will recommend homeowners fix their basement before putting their home for sale. Waterproofing will help help increase your property value.
Waterproofing your home can fortify the house's foundation as water can weaken the architectural base and cause settlements in the home, which will cause internal cracks and floors shifts.


Concrete Sealing

Alongside the experience, Gentry Waterproofing has the necessary products and the instruments needed to seal your concrete  correctly and efficiently. We specialize in both pattern and stamped concrete cleaning and repairs. Sealing your concrete will protect it from stains, grime, and natural breakdown from daily wear and weather. This also helps make your concrete last longer, easier to clean and appear clean . All of the sealers we use include a non-slip additive to keep surfaces from being slippery. After all work is done, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the look and cleanliness of your home.
Concrete is easily stained because it is permeable and can easily ingest spilled substances such as oil and gas.  Sealing your concrete betters yoour surface shine, and more importantly aids in surface resistances to weather damage and stain absorption.  For your concrete surface, Gentry Waterproofing provides two coats of sealer in a finish of your choice. Our sealant will provide your walk-way, patio, driveway, or any other surface stain-resistance and will make sure that it is simple to clean by reducing the amount of stain absorption.
Do not allow your new concrete surface to be left super-sensitive to unpleasant stains and weather damage. Defend your concrete surface today against stains by contacting us for your free quote.
Call us at (905) 725-1093

Cracks result from voids in concrete foundations

Cracks are caused by hardening or settlements. Over time, cracks will develop and will create  foundation leaks. Internally and/or externally, cracks are repaired using a series of plugs, drains, and rubbers. A full inspection is required to determine the steps to take action!

basement waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

  • Wet Basement Waterproofing
  • Foundation Crack Repair
  • Window Wells & Window Well Drains
  • High Water Table Solutions
  • Inside & Outside Weeping Tile
drain cleaning and repair

Drain Cleaning & Repair

  • Complete Sewer & Drain Cleaning
  • Camera Inspection & Pipe Locating
  • Trenchless Pipe Replacement
  • High Pressure Water Jetting